Chinese contemporary art of Visual feast : Tang Huawei’s wor


The expo is an international expo activities organized by the host government, it has experienced more than hundred years of history. It encourages human creativity and active participation, combine scientific and emotional, and will contribute to human development of new concepts, new ideas, new technology now.  The expo held characterizes for a long time, a large display size, many participating countries and more far-reaching influence.As a result, the world expo is known as the world economy, science and technology and culture "Olympic Games".

Among them, the 2010 world expo held in Shanghai, China, the world expo has created the largest record for the largest number of audience.This year, a new world expo to Shanghai and move to Milan.

 Milan Expo Site in 2015 

Milan,a historical and cultural city, has cool climate and appropriate  temperature in summer.It is a tourist resort and visitors are numerous.On the opening of the 2015 world expo in Milan,the expo also attracts millions of tourists from all over the world.Walking in the streets of Milan,the sign of the expo is everywhere and the whole city was filled with the atmosphere of the expo.

Entering the main venue of the 2015 world expo in Milan, the first thing you encounter is that each country has different shapes of the pavilion,  attracted the audience's attention in an uproar, varied, with their respective glamour.It can be said that the world expo is a visual feast.Roaming all pavilions at the expo, you often encounter unexpected surprise, which is the most fun and harvest to visit the expo .

Milan Expo Site in 2015 

Chinese enterprises joint pavilion in Milan Expo, 2015

Interestingly, when visitors to the expo China pavilion, they will meet with a Chinese contemporary art exhibition - "hometown of Chinese contemporary art exhibition".The exhibition is planned by Gu Zhenqing ,the curator,who is active in the international contemporary art.It’s sponsored by the world expo 2015 Milan, Italy, China enterprise joint pavilion, Milan executive committee museum of arts and sciences and held jointly by the contemporary art museum, Beijing West Lake LYYF visual arts center, "the modern oil painting", Shanghai Zhong xi culture communication co., LTD..The exhibition was opened on August 24, 2015, the artists are: white night, Deng Guoyuan, xin-hua ding, Du Zhenjun, guan wei, He Haoyuan, jia pingwa, Li Xiangqun, li xiangyang, Miao Xiaochun, Tan Xun, Tang Huawei, tong jing, TongYan RuNa, Yang qian.

Hometown: China contemporary art posters World Expo in Milan, Italy, 2015

Stepping into the pavilion, you will see Chinese contemporary artist,Tang Huawei "mental image" series of works,which as an independent exhibition are on display on one side of the wall. The exhibition installation way is a group or a small solo exhibition for Tang Huawei,whose portrait of "spirit" project planned by Gu Zhenqing. (In addition: Milan, Italy, art and science museum Tang Huawei portrait of "spirit" small solo exhibition  also plans to carry out at the same time.Exhibition Period: from August 27 to September 4, 2015).

Hometown: Tang Huawei works of contemporary artists ,China contemporary art at world expo in Milan, Italy, 2015 

The 2nd on the left: the famous Italian curator Alessandro Riva; the 3rd on the left: the famous Italian collector Francesco Caprini; the 4th on the left: Chinese contemporary art curator Gu Zhenqing;the 2nd on the right: Chinese contemporary artists Tang Huawei .

Hometown: world expo 2015 Milan, Italy, Chinese contemporary art exhibition of contemporary artists Tang Huawei display field

Artist Tang Huawei is a "tough and lonely" (Xia Kejun) monastery, and especially as "pure virtual business no one solution, the rain moved again to listen to the wind" (NiZan poetry, Yang xiaoyan reference to evaluate Tang Huawei art) of the hermit, fully respect their inner feelings,silently cultivated himself according to a religious doctrine day by day, finally completed the change from traditional to contemporary and constructed a completely independent and unique painting language and theoretical system.From the attitude toward art, Tang Huawei inherited his teacher ,Mr Feng Fasi,who regards art as the spirit of "legacy" of life.The portrait of his latest book, "the spirit of" series and biographical article embarks from the painting language of contemporary art -my painting and I "was published, which caused the domestic and international curators, art critics, the attention of theorist. Many theorists have written a research for this article:" the spirit of visualization: Tang Huawei painting "(Gu Zhenqing), the new painting Tang Huawei: writing portrait of the spirit of nature" (xia jun), palpitations pen mark without my poetry - read Tang Huawei works "(Yang xiaoyan)," the portrait of the mind - Tang Huawei art "(Danqing), the traditional culture to build the life spirit of contemporary art, Tang Huawei oil painting" (Zhao Xinge), the architecture of consciousness - Tang Huawei painting "(wang Dongdong), etc.

Left: Chinese contemporary art curator Gu Zhenqing;
Right:Chinese contemporary artist Tang Huawei 

Tang Huawei participated in this exhibition and accepted the invitation from curators Gu Zhenqing.As Gu Zhenqing says, based on good feedback from exhibition,”if we put Tang Huawei works or paintings to the west, they will change the western view of Chinese contemporary artist, and will make westerners to refocus on Chinese contemporary art".As active in contemporary art since nineties, senior curator Gu Zhenqing, can focus on one fallow for many years in such a professional attitude and pursuit in art, pure artist, also shows that he  is holding an art of feelings as a professional curator .
The situation that contemporary art exhibition held in the expo pavilion, is rare to see for all participating countries in the home. The event itself has special significance and the exhibition a complete success,and it’s hard to say its far-reaching influence because it can bring Chinese contemporary art to the world with the aid of a huge amount of the expo exhibition center and communication effect.