A New Highlight from Art Beijing 2016: Tang Huawei Solo Exhi


As the most outstanding exhibition in Chinese exposition,”Art Beijing”fell its curtain on May 3 in National Agricultural Exhibition Hall,where there are large crowds of people,a star-studded cast and a warm atmosphere.

Exhibition Site I

Exhibition Site II

Famous Actor and collector Mr.Lin Yilun is in front of Tang Huawei’s artworks

Poly Auction(Macao)CEO Miss He Chaoying is watching Tang Huawei’s works carefully

LYYF Visual Art Center is located in the prominent place in the exposition(Contemporary Pavilion C16)made its first appearance in Art Beijing in the form of Portrait of Spirit-Tang Huawei Solo Exhibition. However,due to the artist's unique painting language,it has attracted a large number of collectors and become one of the most popular booth throughout the exhibition.A number of superstars, art collectors, the international curators have said :“Portrait of Spirit series of works make a deep impression for them and it has an important academic significance for the artist on the exploration and innovation on the painting language.” 

Famous artist Mr.Liu Yonggang and the notable curator Mr.Li Xianting took photographs in front of Tang Huawei’s works

Curator Mr.Xia Kejun is studying the academic topics with the artist

During the exhibition,LYYF Visual Art Center exhibited 14 artworks of the artist Tang Huawei, of which his masterpiece Midsummer Night (260 x540cm) is one of his largest artworks, standing in the lateral of the exhibition wall.This piece of work shocked the scene audience, so that a lot of people take photographs in front of the artwork.These two new artworks in 2016 Light and Space, with elegant color, profound artistic conception, superb image control and the unique visual image, attracted professional collectors, critics and artists’ attention and got much appreciation, so that they are made reservations on the first day of the exhibition.In addition, small-sized works Orchid, Like An Orchid But Not Really are well-loved by European collectors, who are willing to see the studio exhibition in order to get an unusual view.

Oil Painting Studio Director Mr.Bai Yuping from Beijing Painting Academy is discussing the painting techniques with the artist Tang Huawei

The media is making an on-site interview 

On-site Exchange

The exhibition made a great success and its good response is the best return for Tang Huawei ,who is such a pure artist and pursuiting art for many years.As the Chinese contemporary art curator Gu Zhenqing says:"If being launched in western countries, his paintings would change westerners’ impression to contemporary Chinese artists, and regain their attention to Chinese art."